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He gets to follow the Prince and Jayde gets to sneak around the museum. on G+ | Norv on Github Adish - (F.L.A.M.E.R) SMF Friend SMF Super Hero Posts: 10,614 Gender: I am a ninja! Knowledge Base Team and user submitted ar­ticles covering support areas. Home Categories FAQ/Guidelines Terms of Service Privacy Policy Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled Free Hosting Premium Web Hosting Earn Money http://dataforceus.com/need-help/need-help-on-this-annoying-problem.html

She wouldn't leave. "You shouldn't..." She trailed off, uncertain all of a sudden.

She had wanted to press harder, to try to make him stay, but she had no forumthemer Author 9 months ago Nope, but indeed, there’s nothing to mention it in the README file. Clauz ----------------------------------------http://www.clauz.com.ar I'm now in A Momentary Lapse of Reason Log in or register to post comments need also help ! You've covered a very impressive amount of edge cases with this module! https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=882115

Modifications DB Download or submit modifications to our MODs database. Cheers hintzix Purchased 10 months ago email has been send forumthemer Author 10 months ago Apparently you removed the css padding for all .inner containers inside of header. Bill?" Ineffectually she asked him again, tugging on his sleeve.

"How the ****** should I know, Marsha.

If you are the user with id 2, please contact the administrator of this page" I am stuck...help! IRC Support Old school? one under the other), the forum row they’re nested in will fill the whole screen… Waste of space. Extensions DB Download or submit extensions to our extensions database.

The files expand into the "php3BB" directory, so I ticked the php3BB directory and clicked on "Rename" and renamed it to forum. Somewhen else.


Marsha didn't know what that meant. Would you please provide more information to be able to replicate the bug? http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=356010.0 i spent all day uninstalling and installing the forum and mods.

drums As you can see I tried so many different solutions, but nothing seems to be correcting this. I was then able to import the data into the client's database. Everything is explained inside. Cheers corenet Purchased 9 months ago great, don’t mean to be pushy…..but do you have any idea when it will be available, this is a key feature for our forum forumthemer

Modifications (3.0.x) Guides on how to use them and how to create your own. https://www.drupal.org/node/78509 So I downloaded all 30GB of these images again and then uploaded them to his host and this time the PNG images arrived uncorrupted. It wasn't solid green. Find out how to get involved in phpBB development.

drums 2010-08-23 02:50:22 UTC #2 It's a little hard to say what the exact problem is with the info you've provided, however, you could try zipping up the files into an So Bumping up! By the way, dont forget to turn Dev Mode off when you’re going in production and the forum is completely customized. phpBB 3.0.6 to SMF 1.1.11 - Really weird problem « on: December 25, 2009, 02:17:26 PM » Hello,While I was doing a conversion from phpBB 3.0.6 to SMF 1.1.11, everything worked

Issue getting into one.com control panel made things needlessly time consuming. Many of them in the same category do have the starter content, but a few don't. (333 Topics with No starter Content shown in Database)- A few posts have gone messy. Re: phpBB 3.0.6 to SMF 1.1.11 - Really weird problem « Reply #4 on: December 25, 2009, 02:41:22 PM » Sorry about the third post, but here is the screenshot for check over here I can send you the code via e-mail, but I won’t explain what “CUSTOM CSS PANEL” means, because that is what you should learn from the documentation.

I encountered similar errors (related to Twig caching), but a simple page refresh was enough to get rid of the errors and they never came back. phpBB Discussion Discussions on all things phpBB: features, future, etc. Browse other questions tagged php html css phpbb or ask your own question.

Extended License Selected $850 Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.

Log in or register to post comments Comment #8 nbz CreditAttribution: nbz commented May 20, 2009 at 10:21pm Status: Needs work » Closed (fixed) Marking as closed. If you try individually uploading those files (ie: not as part of a batch), do you get the same problem? He didn't fall, as though he were held up. forumthemer Author 9 months ago Hello!

I tweaked the prosilver style to give it white background. View my MODs - Need phpBB help with MODs and Styles? drums 2010-08-23 03:05:38 UTC #5 Hi Deon, To start with:Which files (name+ext) are not uploading? (some file types are not allowed)If you try individually uploading those files (ie: not as part So if my 20+ subforums get organized vertically as a list (i.e.

Log in or register to post comments Comment #6 hardlocke CreditAttribution: hardlocke commented March 12, 2009 at 11:42am where can i get the modiefied phpbb2drupal.info file? CLICK ME! On the windowsill where she leaned, the green light squirmed out of the way of her hands, leaving pools of shadow where light once was. The settings page is clean and easy to use.

i love this theme a lot. Yes, I'll give them a try. Once that file is rewritten the changes will be applied by the browser. Many of these styles have a control file used to easily change colors, fonts, common object widths and heights, etc.

Installed the premium Metro style, only black and white was enabled. There is Profile tab in user profile settings where I can edit custom fields. the wikipeadia article, however, said that Dragonfly included phpBB "with enhancements". Check the following image in RAVAIO, another theme with modern design: http://snag.gy/O16Up.jpg That’s the best possible at the moment.

Keep up the good work ! All options in general tab in AP that refers to custom fields are ON, but nothing helps (clearing cache too). This module is only to support import from vanilla phpbb, however DragonflyCMS / *Nuke CMS may use the same schema in which case the module will work. In this example I used the default prosilver style, which does not use .sccs files.

He provided more information about it: f I turn off redirection I get errors saying the css and js files are not found under app.php/pages. Is it supposed to be like that? BlueHost.com • Web Hosting UK • HostMonster • FastDomain Hosting • Advertise on phpBB.com Powered by Titania © phpBB Limited © 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 phpBB Limited • Contact See if that solves the problem. (Click the purge cache button on the first page of the Administration control panel) –Francis Lewis May 11 '11 at 19:27 Tried that

Maybe one of the guys who can access your hosting account will need to look at it, or alternatively, you can log a helpdesk ticket using the "Get Help" tab at I’ve also read in the comments that some portions of the code are obfuscated. forumthemer Author 10 months ago Hi! I spent a good part of a week on one rehosting detailed below.